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Cover (pdf, 488 Kb)

Index and acknowledgements

Introduction (pdf, 108 Kb)
by Dario Compagno and Patrick Coppock

section one

Playing Games:
from Cooperation to Interaction

Gabriele Ferri (pdf, 660 Kb)
Interpretive Cooperation and Procedurality.
A Dialogue between Semiotics and Procedural Criticism

Otto Lehto (pdf, 2 Mb)
The Collapse and Reconstitution of the
Cinematic Narrative: Interactivity vs Immersion in Game Worlds

section two
Which Role for Narrativity in
Computer Games?

Jack Post
(pdf, 588 Kb)
Bridging the Narratology - Ludology Divide.
The Tetris Case

Alessandro Catania (pdf, 244 Kb)
Les Jeux sont Faits! Immersiveness and
Manageability of Game Narratives

section three
Revisiting Enunciation:
Embodied Players

Agata Meneghelli
(pdf, 620 Kb)
Simulacral and Embodied Enunciation in
Computer Games

Adriano D’Aloia
(pdf, 768 Kb)
Adamant Bodies. The Avatar-Body and the
Problem of Autoempathy

section four
Temporal and Spatial Features of
Virtual Environments

Mario Gerosa, Jennifer Grace-Dawson (pdf, 1,0 Mb)
Chronology and Historicization in Virtual
Worlds and Video Games

Joaquìn Siabra-Fraile
(pdf, 800 Kb)
Manic Miner under the Shadow of the
Colossus: A Semiotic Analysis of the Spatial
Dimension in Platform Video Games

Alex Wade (pdf, 472 Kb)
Spatial Typologies of Games

section five
Authorship and Game Creation

Marco Benôit Carbone (pdf, 284 Kb)
The Adam of Videogames. From Invention to
Authorship through the Analysis of Primordial

Filippo Zanoli(pdf, 505 Kb)
Logos Language in Richard Garriot’s Tabula
Rasa: an Analysis of Symbols, Semantics and
Textual Implications